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Terre a Terre cuisine: World
71 East Street

East Sussex
01273 729051
Nearest station: 

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Totally vegetarian: Y
Price: ££
Alcohol: Licensed
Kids: Children welcome
Access:  No special provision
Breakfast - N
Morning - N
Lunch - Y
Evening - Y
Days closed:
Award winning, popular vegetarian restaurant. Modern, trend, chic offering a great range of innovative and delectable food. Interesting dishes include: Pacific perfumed coconut laksa with roast sweet potatoes, lemon grass, lime leaves, galagagal and birds eye chillies served with udon noodles and Tumbleweed Soufflé. Unusual desserts include: Mellow Mallow Toasted Marshmallow Skewers and Mango Kulfi Butternut Dosas. Children are welcome.